Unit 2, Ancient Mesopotamia; Lesson 3: Agriculture and Inventions

Note:  TTW= The Teacher Will; TSW= The Students Will; GCR= Google Classroom 

Standard(s):  6.07: Agriculture and Inventions

A. Clear Target:  I can identify the scientific and technological advancements of the Sumerians, and explain the impact those advancements had on the Sumerian society.

B. Bell Ringer: Why was Mesopotamia called the Fertile Crescent (Make sure that you use the elements of Geography, and how those elements contributed to the name in your answer)?

C. Set: TTW lead a discussion on the clear target and or bell ringer to ensure that the students understand it/them.  TTW lead a discussion on the assignment from the day before to ensure understanding.

D. Presentation of New Material: Today you will be completing a Document Based Question (DBQ).  You are going to read the article “Sumerian Science and Technology.”  After you have read the document, there will be a quiz for you to take.  The quiz has two parts.  Unless the teacher provides you a copy of them, you first have to write the questions in your notebook…as it is not only a quiz, but it will serve as your notes for this lesson.  You must also write the answers to the questions in your notebook to complete your notes.  Start off your notes with the title of the Article.  You can find the link for the Article in Section F. Independent Practice

I.  Sumerian Science and Technology.

Then make each question a number in your notes.  You must write down each question and its answer in your notes, and then answer the question on the quiz.

Make sure that you take your notes in pencil so that you can erase if you get an answer incorrect.

Remember to answer the questions on the quiz after you have written down the question and your answer.

Good Luck!

Video in Video N/A

Simulation:  N/A

E. Guided Practice: TTW demonstrate for the students how to: Find and open the document; use the document; turn in the document when completed.  TTW have a student share their screen and demonstrate all of the steps.  TTW assist, and have the class assist the student demonstrator with answering the first question.

F. Independent Practice: TSW complete the assignment listed  below.

Click the following link to open your reading assignment. Sumerian Science and Technology DBQ Reading  You must complete this reading in order to answer the questions to the quiz below.  Remember to write your notes in your notebook from the questions and the answers to the quiz.

Click this link to complete the quiz on today’s lesson.

NOTE:  The first 3 questions on the quiz may tell you that you got them wrong…that is because I wanted to give you points for them and by doing that there is a correct answer that you will not be able to get…do not worry about it, as long as you are correct in those answers (Last Name, First Name, and Class Period), I will give you credit for them when I put the grades in.

GCR Directions:  N/A

G. Closure: On the next class day, TSW be able to develop an opinion supported by evidence and answer the following question:  What was the most important invention of the Sumerians and why?

Assessment:  Question and answer/Discussions/The guided practice/Closure discussion/Quiz if used/ Exit Ticket if used

H. Enrichment: TSW listen to a lecture and or discussion led by the teacher if applicable/complete a reading and work on their notebook packet.  The link to the presentations to complete the notebook packets are here: Presentations

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