Final Exam Review

TTW= The Teacher Will

TSW= The Students Will

TT= The Teacher

TS= The Students

  1. TTW pass out the Rome 8A and 8B tests to the students.  If there are papers without names, they go to whomever claims them.  There are extra copies of both tests if needed.  After each student has their tests, or a new test, TTW project the answer keys, announcing which key is on the overhead, and allow TS to copy down the correct answers. The keys are labeled in yellow highlighter on the top of the first page.  After TS have all copied down the correct answers (this should take between 10 and 20 minutes), TTW have TS log select the Blooket link below in paragraph two.

2. TSW select the Blooket link and complete it as many times as they can before the end of class.  TS may have to change         their user name slightly each additional time they want to play.  Here is the link.

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