Unit 6, Ancient China, Lesson 10: Review

Note:  TTW= The Teacher Will; TSW= The Students Will; GCR= Google Classroom 

I.  Standard(s):  Unit 6: 6.31-6.38

     A.  Clear Target: I can demonstrate mastery of all of the Unit 6 standards by showing an understanding of: The Key leaders; the important religions, their histories and impacts; and achievements.

     B.  Set: TTW lead a discussion on the clear target and or bell ringer to ensure that the students understand it/them.  TTW lead a discussion on the assignment from the day before to ensure understanding.

     C.  Bell Ringer:  Study/Complete Unit Packet

          1.  Previous Day’s Clear Target:  N/A

               a.  Review:  After the class has answered the question to the best of their ability, TTW assess if there needs to be a review of the previous day’s lesson.  If a review is needed, TTW have the students get out their notes and will review the material with them.

               b.  If no review is needed TTW have the students get ready for today’s lesson. 

     D.  Presentation of New Material: TSW self grade their study guides by passing them to another person, or the teacher will go around and grade for completeness.  After the grades are done TSW play a game of grudge corn hole answering questions from the study guide with the winning team getting points for the 3rd 9 weeks Minions cup.

          1.  Checks For Understanding (CFU):

          2.  Video in Video N/A

          3.  Simulation:  N/A

     E.  Guided Practice: TTW explain the rules of the game.  TTW have a student share, and demonstrate all of the steps in the game.  TTW give an example and demonstrate how to play the game.

    F.  Independent Practice (The assignments are due the next school day):  The students will play the review game unless they were absent the day prior.  If they were absent the day prior they will use their notes packet and knowledge from the lessons to complete the study guide.

     G.  Closure: Ask to see if the students have any questions about the unit.

     H.  Assessment:  Study Guide/Review Game

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