Final Exam Review 4

Notes: TTW = The Teacher Will; TSW = The Students Will; TT = The Teacher; TS = The Students; GCR = Google Classroom

I.  Standard(s):  All

     A.  Clear Target: I can Identify and locate the important geographical features of  the ancient civilizations studied in the 6th grade year; I can also discus the important people, events, accomplishments; inventions; and contributions of the ancient civilizations studies in the 6th grade year.

     B.  Set: TTW let the students know that they are taking a test in class today.

     C.  Bell Ringer: TSW write down on paper 10 things they remember about the ancient civilizations they have studied this year.  TSW write these 10 item on their own paper.  TSW turn the papers into their class basket when they are done…or before TT has them begin the test.

     D.  Presentation of New Material: N/A

     E.  Guided Practice: 

  1. TTW tell TS to turn in their Bell Ringers.
  2. TS have turned in their Bell Ringer, TTW have the students get out their laptops and go to (These directions are on the two front boards and on the Haastag board off to the side).
  3. The students will log in with Google and that will take them to the test.  They just need to hit start to begin the test, and submit when they are finished.  There are 50 questions.  The test is worth 100 practice points.  TS may not finish, but that is ok…they need to do their best.

    F.  Independent Practice (The assignments are due the next school day): 

  1. TSW complete their Bell Ringers and turn them into their class baskets.
  2. TSW complete their Edulastic Final Exam Prep Test
  3.  Any student that cannot get into Edulastic to take the test will complete a 5 page essay on “The accomplishments of the ancient world and how they impact us today.”  Each paragraph will be a minimum of 7 complete sentences.  TS must have an: Introductory paragraph; 3 accomplishments with one paragraph per accomplishment.  In these paragraphs TS will write: What the accomplishment is; which civilization is responsible for the accomplishment; why it was important to the ancient civilization; and how it impacts us today.  TS will also have a conclusion paragraph.

    G.  Closure: TTW have the students submit their tests before leaving the classroom.

     H.  Assessment:  The Test and the Bell Ringer

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