Unit 7, Ancient Greece; Lesson 2: Geography

Note:  TTW= The Teacher Will; TSW= The Students Will; GCR= Google Classroom 

I.  Standard(s): 6.39-Identify and locate geographical features of ancient
Greece, including: • Asia Minor • Athens •
Macedonia • Mediterranean Sea • Peloponnesian
peninsula • Sparta

6.40-Analyze how the geographical features of ancient
Greece, including its mountainous terrain and
access to the Mediterranean Sea, contributed to its
organization into city-states, role in maritime trade,
and colonies in the Mediterranean.

     A.  Clear Target:  I can demonstrate a general understanding of ancient Greece’s geography, and its impacts on the development of ancient Greece’s civilization.

     B.  Bell Ringer: 

          1.   Previous Day’s Lesson’s Closure Question(s): What is something that you have learned about Ancient Greece?

               a.  Review:  After the class has answered the question to the best of their ability, TTW assess if there needs to be a review of the previous day’s lesson.  If a review is needed, TTW have the students get out their notes and will review the material with them.

               b.  If no review is needed TTW have the students get ready for today’s lesson.

2.  Small Group:  Discuss the Bell ringer 

     C.  Set: TTW lead a discussion on the clear target and or bell ringer to ensure that the students understand it/them.  TTW lead a discussion on the assignment from the day before to ensure understanding.

     D.  Presentation of New Material: 

1.  TSW complete their notes by completing their fill in the blank notes from watching the video.   The link to the presentation is here:  Ancient Greek Geography Video.  The link to the classwork is here:  Ancient Greek Presentation and Map  The slides are the same as they are in the video.  Feel free to use the slides to help fill in the map if you do not want to go back to the video.

            2. N/A

            3.  Lecture Questions:  See the Quiz

     E.  Guided Practice: TTW show the students how to get to the day’s presentation of new material and independent practice; and explain what they are doing to complete the day’s lesson.  TTW then choose a student at random to perform the same tasks.

    F.  Independent Practice (The assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise stated):  

1.  TSW complete their notes during the video lecture.

2.  TSW complete the map on Ancient Greece’s geography.  The map can be completed from the slides in the presentation.  The link for the map is here.

3.  TSW complete the quiz.  The link for the quiz is in section “H. Assessment” below.

   G.  Closure:  TSW be able to answer the following question(s) in the next day’s class discussion: What have you learned about the impacts of Ancient Greece’s geography on its civilization?

   H.  Assessment:  Quiz is linked here: Ancient Greek Geography Quiz

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