Unit 1, Early Humans; Lesson 5: Flashcards

Note:  TTW= The Teacher Will; TSW= The Students Will; GCR= Google Classroom 

I.  Standard(s): 6.01-6.04

     A.  Clear Target: I can demonstrate any prior knowledge and my ability to demonstrate new knowledge on Early Humans by completing the pretest with at least an 80%

     B.  Bell Ringer: Open your laptops.  Then go to the class website, find today’s lesson 5, and go to the Quizlet linked in Section D. Presentation of New Material

          1.  TSW be able to answer the question below based on the previous lesson’s clear target in order to provide Closure for the previous day’s lesson: N/A

               a.  Previous Day’s Lesson’s Closure Question(s): N/A

                     1.  Review:  N/A

                    2.  Handout additional Work: N/A

     C.  Set: TTW lead a discussion on the clear target and or bell ringer to ensure that the students understand it/them and try to peak the students’ interest in the topic of the day.

     D.  Presentation of New Material: TSW go to the Quizlet and copy the flashcards into their notes. Here is the link to the Quizlet

             1.  N/A

            2. N/A

            3.  Lecture Questions: N/A

     E.  Guided Practice: TTW show the students how to get to and use Quizlet.  TTW also show the students how to set up the test in Quizlet and explain what they are doing to complete the day’s lesson.  TTW then choose a student at random to perform the same tasks.

    F.  Independent Practice (The assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise stated):  

1.  TSW complete writing the Quizlet Flashcards in their notes if they did not get it done during class.

2.  N/A

   G.  Closure:  TSW be able to answer the following question(s) in the next day’s class discussion: N/A

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